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Ready To Grow Your Practice?

The Professionally Savvy Dentist is your go-to place for growing your Dental Practice and advancing your career as a dental professional.

Our team of consultants has decades of combined dental management experience. We bring our own unique vision to each practice we help and you can rest assured that each practice plan is not a one-size fits all approach with regard to our systems and processes.

Whether you’re a brand new practice, looking to sell, set up new systems or anything else, let us help you fulfill your practice goals.

Our Workshops

New for 2017:
Leadership in The Dental Office – An Advanced Workshop
This is our starter workshop where you’ll learn the basics of how to start out your dental career and avoid common pitfalls. You’ll also learn strategies and glean valuable information from veterans in the dental field.

Our Most Popular Workshop:
Hygienist (RDH) Revenue Production – Part 1
Part of being a valuable team member and a advancing your career as a RDH is learning how to produce revenue for the dental practice. Become indispensable as a major revenue generator for your dental practice.

Updated for 2017!
Countering the Corporate Dental Trend – An In-depth Look
Corporate dentistry is here and gobbling up the individual practitioner. The good news is that the solo-practice has advantages that the corporate behemoths can never compete with. Learn how to win the “David and Goliath” battle against Corporate Dentistry.